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SAP BPC Online Training

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SAP BPC Course Content :

  1. SAP BPC Introduction
  2. Understanding the SAP Road Map of Enterprise Performance Management
  3. (EPM) with BPC.
  4. Functional Aspect of Different Planning Scenarios and its correlation.
  5. Understanding the Consolidation Functional Aspect.
  6. Translating a Business Requirement into BPC perspective.

 Part I

  1. Architecture of BPC.
  2. Application Set Management
  3. Application Management.
  4. Application Optimization Options & its relevance
  5. Dimension Management, Importance of Properties.
  6. How to create a Data Model for a given customer requirement with the above
  7. Flow Diagram me exhibiting the Correlation between more than one Application,
  8. More than one Dimension & more than one Properties
  9. Multiple ways of Uploading Master Data & Transactional Data in BPC System.
  10. Introduction to Transformation & Conversion Concept at the time of Data
  11. Introduction to SAP BPC Validation Concept
  12. How to setup Security in BPC or User Management.
  13. How to setup Work Status.
  14. Introduction to Dimension Logic.
  15. Introduction to Script Logic with advance Features.
  16. Business Rules.
  17. Data Manager Package.
  18. How to create customized Process Chain.
  19. How to bring the customized process chain in the Data Manager Package.
  20. Introduction to Content Library.
  21. Working with Unstructured Data.
  22. Web Reporting.
  23. Input Schedule
  24. Reporting & Analysis with different EV Functionalities.
  25. Currency Translation.
  26. Inter Company Elimination
  27. Journal

 Part II

  1. Pre Configured Scenario for Planning & Consolidation for practice with Master
  2. Data & Transactional Data.
  3. Complete Set of questionnaire for Pre Scoping Analysis.
  4. Industry Wise, Excel Sheet driven BPC Market Drivers.
  5. Competitor’s Analysis.
  6. Cost Center Planning Dry Run

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