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Oracle OAF Online Training

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Oracle OAF Online Course in a true global setting.

Oracle OAF Online Training Concepts :

Custom Implementation : New Development From Scratch

Personalization : UI Level Changes (No Conditional Logic)

Extension : Business Functionality Change Using (CO/VO Extensions)

Topics  :

OAF Custom Implementation

  • Java framework, Design Pattern
    • Comparison between OAF, ADF, Java Struts and other java frameworks
    • OA Framework MVC Architecture
    • Overview of JDeveloper
    • Setup of Jdeveloper with OAF Extension
    • Build Hello World and Sample login page
    • Overview of OA Framework files
    • OA Framework Page Basics
    • OA Framework Coding Standards
    • Simple Search Page
    • Example on Search page (Involves : PG, CO, VO, AM)
    • How to create List of Values(LOV)
    • How to create Poplist,Radio buttons, check box and coding examples on dependent lovs
    • Examples on events : ButtonEvent, HyperLinkEvent, ImageEvent, LovEvent, PopListEvent
    • Demo on : Sample OAF Page to perform DML Operations Using EO  (Involves : PG, CO, VO, EO, AM)
    • Demon on : Attachment Region
    • Demo on : Sample OAF Page to perform DML Operations Using PLSQL API
    • OAF Deployment Basics & Scripts (For R12.1. and R12.2 also)
    • Overview of MDS and JDR tables
    • Error Handling and Debugging Exercise
    • Different Types of Region Styles in OAF
    • Shared Region Concept
    • Simple Table, Header Region, MessageComponent Layout, Query region etc
    • Tokens & URL Parameters
    • Demo on Master Child Page using : Advanced Table, HGrid  (Involves : PG, CO, VO, VL, AM)
    • Demo of Advanced Topics like Partial Page Rendering(PPR), SPEL bound Syntax, Dynamic Content, Bound Values, Context Info, Hide/Show etc…
    • How to call Standard PL/SQL package, functions and SQL statements
    • Using Callable Statement
    • Using Prepared Statement
    • Integration of OAF with Other Oracle Apps Components
    • How to use : AOL message, AOL Lookup, AOL valueset
    • How to display Flex fields (KFF, DFF) on OAF Page
    • OAF integration with XML Report
    • OAF Integration with Concurrent Program
    • OAF Integration with Workflow
    • Real Time Samples
    • How to display DB image in OAF Page
    • How to upload csv file from OAF page into DB Table

Advanced OAF Training: Personalization & Extensions

  • Introduction to Personalization’s
    • Demo of Personalization
    • Export Personalization’s
    • Import of Personalization’s
    • Overview of JDR APIs (to inspect MDS)
    • OAF Extensions
    • List of Extensions and their functionality
    • CO Extension
    • VO Extension
    • JDR Queries for validating Personalization and Extensions
    • Deploying extensions

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