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Oracle 11g DBA Online Training

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Oracle 11g DBA Online Training Concepts :

Oracle architecture

Memory structures and background processes
Logical and physical structure
Data dictionary objects
Creating database manually and using wizard on both windows and UNIX platforms
Working with initialization parameter file
Multiplexing control and online redo log files
Oracle managed files
Oracle block level concepts
Working with segments
Managing users with profiles

Network Administration

Oracle NET
Sqlnet.ora, tnsnames.ora, and listener.ora
Creating and managing listeners
Configuring sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora
Database links

Backup and Recovery

Logical backups using datapump
Recovery manager (RMAN) concepts and advantages
Cold backup using manual and RMAN
Hot backup using manual and RMAN
Restoring from backups using manual and RMAN
Full recovery of databases using manual and RMAN
Incomplete recovery of databases using manual and RMAN
Log miner

Performance & Tuning

Instance hit ratios
Working with more dynamic performance views
Working with AWR, ADDM, ASH
Diferent types of indexes
Working with different advisors
Explain plan

Other Misc topics

Applying patches and patchsets
Working with Oracle support
Copying files between servers using ftp, scp, and sftp
Upgrading databases
Working with zip and tar utilities
Crontab and scheduled tasks

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